Mass Spectrometry meets Quantum Science


A talk by Markus Arndt at the NPL seminar "Mass Spectrometry meets Quantum Science".

A seminar of PhD students hosted in person at NPL, Teddington, UK

The National Physical Laboratory, University of Southampton and the Universität Wien invite you to a seminar given by our PhD students on matter-wave interferometry, quantum theory and mass spectrometry. The (in person) seminar will explore different perspectives on realising molecular properties, their complementarities and new opportunities.


Markus Arndt (co-organizer), Ivette Fuentes, Ian Gilmore, “A brief introduction to Quantum Science and Mass Spectrometry

Philipp Rieser, “Near field interference with molecules: Measuring quantum effects and molecular properties” Universität Wien, Austria

Ksenija Simonović, “Exploring molecular properties using far-field matter-wave diffraction” Universität Wien, Austria

Hector Fernandez Melendez, “Quantum metrology for Fundamental Physics” University of Southampton, UK

Jakub Wardak, “Talbot nanoparticle matter wave interferometer” University of Southampton, UK

Yuhong Jin, “OrbiSIMS imaging of the developing Drosophila brain” Francis Crick Institute & NPL, UK

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