University of Vienna | UNIVIE | WP 1 & WP 6

We co-design, integrate and validate all technologies developed by all project partners and we work on high-power photochemistry and molecular beam methods. The machine shall enable us to explore the preparation and detection of biopolymer beams with control over charge, temperature, kinetic energy and mass combining the synthesis of photocleavable tags at UNIBAS with advanced high-mass spectrometer developments of MSVISION and high-power ultra-fast laser tools. Tailored nanowire detectors from SQ in combination with highly integrated cryogenic electronics from EPFL have evolved into a sensitive detector for such beams

Markus Arndt

Project Coordinator & WP 6



Marcel Strauss

PhD Student



Bradley May

Summer Intern 2023

Philipp Geyer

Senior Scientist

Tim Kostersitz

Master student



Théo Pelletier

Summer Intern 2023

Single Quantum Delft | SQ | WP 2

We are designing, fabricating and testing novel superconducting nanowire detectors  tailored to the detection of lowly charged and neutral atoms, and biopolymers. We are tackling the challenge of integrating more than 100 detectors into a single compact array for molecular beam profilometry.

Mario Castaneda

Leader, Work Package 2



Andreas Fognini

Co-PI, WP 2



École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne | EPFL | WP 3

We are designing, fabricating, and testing the cryogenic electronics that is required to eventually build a Superconducting Nanowire Camera with more than 100 pixels. This will become important both for a plethora of applications in molecular analysis as well as photononics.

Edoardo Charbon

Leader, Work Package 3

Jad Benserhir

PhD Student

Claudio Bruschini

Co-PI, WP 3

Vladimir Pešić

PhD Student

University of Basel | UNIBAS | WP 4

We synthesize, characterize and test tailored photo-active tags that allow to softly charge and neutralize peptides and proteins on demand, both in solution and in high vacuum. This work opens the door to analyzing an entire material class, specifically neutral beams of isolated biopolymers. This is still terra incognita and opens interesting new opportunities because of the sheer vastness of different materials.   

Marcel Mayor

Leader, Work Package 4

Yong Hua


PhD student

Valentin Köhler

Co-PI, WP 4

Amal Sanal Kumar


PhD student

MSVISION | Almere | WP 5

We are co-developing mass spectrometer instrumentation that allow coupling continuous quadrupole mass filters for masses up to 100 kDa with optical access for photochemical charge control and superconducting detectors.

Jan Commandeur

Leader, Work Package 5

Steven Daly

Research Scientist

Collaboration partners

Tomáš Šolomek

Ass. Prof. in HIMS at the University of Amsterdam
Research: physical-organic chemistry and photochemistry
Contribution to the project: Computational quantum chemistry

Former SuperMaMa Team Members

We have contributed at various stages and often importantly to the project before moving on to new challenges in our careers.


Armin Shayeghi

Research Scientist
Now on: Slow biomolecular beams in the G&B Moore "ELUQUINT" project.

Tomas Sousa

Project Intern
Now master student: Metal cluster interferometry

Monique Gevers

Work Package 2
Project management officer at Single Quantum  

Nima Kalhor

Work Package 2
Nanofabrication Scientist

Martina Smacchia

Intern student

Minglo Wu

Work Package 3
EPFL Lausane - PhD student

Jelle Tromp

Work Package 5
Master student - MS VISION

Julia Salapa

Project Intern
Now master student: Advanced microscopy

Yatao Peng

Work Package 3
EPFL Lausanne,
Now: Research associate professor
Sustech, Shenzhen 

Ronan Gourgues

Work Package 2
Research Engineer

Pierre Manchet

Intern student

Martin Mauser

Master student

Simone Frasca

Work Package 3
EPFL Lausanne - PhD student