VISIONS of SuperMaMa:

  • SuperMaMa is an EU FET-OPEN Research & Innovation project working on new technologies for mass spectrometry and analysis of lowly charged and neutral high-mass proteins.
  • SuperMaMa will develop, test and combine an integrated superconducting nanowire array (SNWA) with advanced cryogenic onboard electronics in a largely re-modelled ESI-TOF-machine.
  • The development of a new photocleavable tags shall allow us to prepare of neutral protein beams from mass-selected ions upon single- pr few photon absorption. This will decouple the volatilization from the charging process and shall enable the analysis of neutral proteins in the gas phase

 Latest News


A 0.32 × 0.12 mm2 Cryogenic BiCMOS 0.1–8.8 GHz Low Noise Amplifier Achieving 4 K Noise Temperature for SNWD Readout


News article from CORDIS journalists published on the CORDIS website, which is part of the European Commission´s strategy for the dissemination and...


Quantum physics: Superconducting Nanowires Detect Single Protein Ions


Superconducting nanowires serve as highly sensitive detectors for single protein ions at low energy


Jad Benserhir from AQUA lab / EPFL Neuchâtel, joines us for 10 days, to test his latest multi-pixel cryo-electronics.


Théo Pelletier has joined the SuperMaMa team as a summer intern, coming from Paris.